Welcome to Web Programming Principles. Please refer to the course outline for an overview.

Weekly outline

The WEB222 course content is here available at https://web222.ca.

Week Major Topics
1 Course introduction, Internet architecture and Introduction to JavaScript
2 JavaScript functions, Built-ins/globals, JavaScript scope and closures
3 Intro to Objects, Built-in Objects String, Array, RegExp
4 More Built-in Objects: Date, Math, User-defined objects, Prototypal inheritance
5 Introduction to HTML5, Document structure, elements
6 More HTML Elements, tables, media (images, audio, video), scripts, HTML Validation
7 Document Object Model (DOM), Nodes, creating/modifying/querying the DOM, events
8 Introduction to CSS, selectors, web colors, units, properties and values, fonts, updating CSS using the DOM
9 CSS box model, display and positioning, layout
10 Introduction to HTML5 forms, <input> elements, styling using CSS
11 Client-side validation using HTML5 features and JavaScript
12 Introduction to AJAX and JSON, fetching data, dynamically updating the DOM

Code examples and resources

Organized by week. Each “week” page has a README file that describes that week’s code examples.

You can browse the code online.

You can also download the repository as a zip file.

Or, you can clone the repository to your own computer.