Welcome to Web Programming Principles. Please refer to the course outline for an overview.

Weekly outline

The WEB222 course content is here available at https://web222.ca.

Week Major Topics
1 Course introduction, Internet architecture and Introduction to JavaScript
2 JavaScript functions, Built-ins/globals, JavaScript scope and closures
3 Intro to Objects, Built-in Objects String, Array, RegExp
4 More Built-in Objects: Date, Math, User-defined objects, Prototypal inheritance
5 Introduction to HTML5, Document structure, elements
6 More HTML Elements, tables, media (images, audio, video), scripts, HTML Validation
7 Document Object Model (DOM), Nodes, creating/modifying/querying the DOM, events
8 Introduction to CSS, selectors, web colors, units, properties and values, fonts, updating CSS using the DOM
9 CSS box model, display and positioning, layout
10 Introduction to HTML5 forms, <input> elements, styling using CSS
11 Client-side validation using HTML5 features and JavaScript
12 Introduction to AJAX and JSON, dynamically updating the DOM with JSON data with the DOM

Code examples and resources

Organized by week. Each “week” page has a README file that describes that week’s code examples.

You can browse the code online.

You can also download the repository as a zip file.

Or, you can clone the repository to your own computer.